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Rugged. Forged. Ruthless.

Rugged. Forged. Ruthless. Made In America.


Rugged. Forged. Ruthless.


Los Angeles California -
United States



Rugged. Forged. Ruthless. Made in America A clothing brand founded by James Garcia in 2023. We are more than just an apparel company; we're a testament to the true value of grinding it out, putting food on the table every night, and doing what has to be done. We are Americans, a dirty, hardened and relentless people. We do the job no matter what.

About the Founder: James Garcia
I am a Union Carpenter. I am also a tradesman and a provider. I am not a carpenter for 8 hours a day, I am a carpenter 24hrs a day, even when I sleep. It's who I am. I'm building to support my family and build my country. Money is nice, but money is not the reason I'm here. I'm here because I represent the spirit and patriotism that true Americans possess. This is for the ones that build and secure this country. The dirty, hardened, relentless men and women that put their feelings aside and do what has to be done so people can live.


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